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Lymphoedema is an excessive build up of interstitial fluid containing protein and cell debris in the body's tissues causing swelling.

This is caused by an abnormality of the lymphatic system where either the lymphatic system is working but is not functioning properly  (ie. valve insufficiency) or the lymphatic system is malfunctioning with either structural (trauma to lymphatic system ie surgery), functional  (lymphatic vessels not working correctly) or both issues. 

Left untreated, will result in chronic inflammation, infection and fibrosis (hardening of the skin), this in turn can further damage the lymph vessels. 

Symptoms include: 

*  Swelling of affected limb

*  Fullness or heaviness to the limb

*  Tightness of skin 

*  Thickening/hardening of skin tissue

*  Tight feeling when wearing clothes, shoes, jewellery

*  Itching, burning sensation

Treatment:  De-congestive Therapy,  Bandaging, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Compression, Skin Care, Diet & Exercise

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