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The Lymphatic System is the body's waste disposal, immune system and energy transporting mechanism all in one. It is responsible for removing excess fluid, proteins, waste and toxins from the tissues, for transporting leucocytes and other toxin fighting cells around the body to where they are needed, carries antigens to lymph nodes to alert immune system and  facilitates the movement of free fatty acids in the form of chyle through the lymphatic system into the circulatory system providing energy.

If this system is not working properly the body can feel sluggish, be slow to heal or recover from injury and illness,  oedemas may form causing pain and immobility,  and may lead to digestive issues or related skin disorders reflecting a build up of toxins in the body.

Impairment of the Lymphatic system can be  hereditary, congenital or a birth anomaly or come from injury or trauma to some part of the Lymphatic System - ie lymph node removal.

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